teal.websocket_dispatcher.config – Configuration for the TeaL websocket dispatcher#

class teal.websocket_dispatcher.config.Settings(_env_file: str | PathLike | List[str | PathLike] | Tuple[str | PathLike, ...] | None = '<object object>', _env_file_encoding: str | None = None, _env_nested_delimiter: str | None = None, _secrets_dir: str | PathLike | None = None, *, redis_dsn: RedisDsn, amqp_dsn: AmqpDsn, amq_exchange_prefix: str = '', listener_url: AnyHttpUrl, password: StrictStr)#

Bases: AMQSettings, RedisSettings

Settings for the TeaL dispatcher.

listener_url: AnyHttpUrl#

Base URL for the listener, for communicating metadata to clients.

Example definitions for this field:


Note that the trailing slash is required for this setting to be used properly; otherwise, the last component of the path will likely be ignored.

classmethod normalize_listener_url(value: AnyHttpUrl, **kwargs) AnyHttpUrl#

Ensure that the listener URL, once configured, has a trailing slash.


value – The value to normalize.


The normalized value.

password: StrictStr#

The password to authenticate with the websocket dispatcher.