teal.web_listener.config – Configuration for the TeaL web listener#

class teal.web_listener.config.Settings(_env_file: str | PathLike | List[str | PathLike] | Tuple[str | PathLike, ...] | None = '<object object>', _env_file_encoding: str | None = None, _env_nested_delimiter: str | None = None, _secrets_dir: str | PathLike | None = None, *, redis_dsn: RedisDsn, amqp_dsn: AmqpDsn, amq_exchange_prefix: str = '', powens_redirect_fallback: bool = False)#

Bases: AMQSettings, RedisSettings

Settings for the TeaL listener.

powens_redirect_fallback: bool#

In case of an unknown state, whether to use Powens-style fallback.

This is mostly useful if the TeaL Web Listener is to be used as a callback bouncer for a white label customer. It implements callback state formats used with Powens’ bouncer.